SAINT VLAS The settlement was found by the Thracians in the 2nd century. Then its name was Larisa which was changed to St Vlas in the 14th century. St Vlas is patron of the merchants, a stockbreeder and a healer. Between 14th and 18th century there was a monastery having the name of the same saint which was burned by pirates. St Vlas is honored by both the Catholic and the Orthodox Church. There were 4 monasteries in the vicinity of the village. Now the town of St Vlas is one of the most ancient settlements in Municipality Nesabar. During the Ottoman Rule the village had several names, all related to the monasteries. The Turks used to call it Kucuk Manastir (a small monastery), and in the registry it is entered under the name Manastir. The prominent researchers of the Bulgarian history the Shkorpil brothers, mention it in their works with the same name. In the 14th century at this area were built 5 monasteries: St Peter, St Elijah, St Andrew, St Vlas which gave the name of the present-day town, and a convent St Anne. They were all destroyed by the Turks in the 18th century, but their ruins can still be found.

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